Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daily Visits

So, Carrie has been going every day since Sat to see the kids. Sunday they had an outting with all of the Fullingim's as well as an African family they are friends with and their children...LOTS of children. Mykah and Jackson loved it. Mykah's comment upon seeing the spread of food was, "this is beautiful!" Carrie kept the rascals eating and encouraged the chicken to get them some protein! :)

Melanie and Carrie have yet to receive custody of the kids (two weeks of daily visits now for Melanie!). We are praying that this would happen this week!! On a positive note, the kids seem to be attaching very well to much so that it's become pretty heart-wrenching for Carrie as Jackson breaks down every time she has to leave. It is hard for both these mommas, so PRAY hard that they would get custody TOMORROW (Thur!).

Mon was the first time Jackson cried and Melanie noticed and told Carrie. Carrie went back to pick him up and thought he had hurt himself. After a bit in her arms of comfort he calmed back down and she took him to Mykah and talked with her to take care of him. When she put him down he broke down again and in that moment she realized why he was crying. How powerful, how beautiful and how painful deep down to the core of Carrie's heart all at the same time. They need to get out of this orphanage...they need to be with their momma. Pray for her courage and strength and for their endurance and continued hope as they continue to sleep on their own and only get to spend a few moments of each day with Carrie.


Laura said...

Heartwrenching indeed!! I remember those goodbyes and thinking how awful it was for them to be a part from me when we were only minutes away. I am praying fervently that Carrie gets to take custody of your precious son and daughter soon!!!!

K. Castagnaro said...

We're thinking about you guys all the time. Hang in there!

Hays Family said...

Beautiful pictures! You can see the joy in their faces being with their Mommy!

KellyR said...

Thinking about you A LOT and what you must be facing. Best wishes and all of our positive energy from this end of the world. You WILL come home with them, even if it doesn't feel like it will ever happen.