Monday, December 7, 2009

Is today the day....?????

What an appropropriate question for going through the adoption process. It's one I've been asking a lot lately and as I started thinking about it tonight, is pretty much one we've been asking all along the way. Is today the day ...when we'll get our home study scheduled...when we'll find out if we have a match...when we'll find out when we travel...when Carrie will get to go see the kids...when we'll get the kids out of the orphanage. That's where we are right now, still stuck on that one and there are gonna be LOTS more to come, I AM SURE! But I also thought back to each of these phases and how it seemed as if an answer would never come and then, BAM! All of a sudden, there it was. Beginning of Nov, we didn't have a hope from the agency that we'd go before Jan. BUT, we kept praying, "God we really want to have these kids home for Christmas, PLEASE God, let us go get them!?" And out of no where, God answered his way, in his timing.

Now Carrie is there and it IS HARD having to leave our children neglected in an orphanage every night. I am so ready for these children's legacy as orphans to end and for them to go to bed at night knowing that for the rest of their lives they have a momma that is right next door and she will NEVER leave them. And they have a daddy back home that cannot WAIT to meet them and he will NEVER leave them. And they have two beautiful sisters and a brother back home that cannot WAIT to meet them, show them around, show them their toys, bedroom, swing and play with them and will NEVER leave them. I am ready for them to no longer be orphans and to be our son and daughter.

It is hard being in this state of flux, unknowing and continually being disappointed in an individual who continually fails people going through probably the most life-changing and impacting event in their lives. One would only hope that such an experience would be treated fragilly and with respect, but that is not the case, but our hope ultimately MUST NOT rest in that person, but in HIM. So we will struggle to do that and keep praying our first prayer- "God, please let us all be together back home for Christmas, PLEASE."

Is today the day...????

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