Sunday, December 20, 2009

GOTCHA Day!!! :)

Well, it's official!! I am now the mother of 5 children! Some days I think, "I can handle this." Then others I ask myself, "What in the world was I thinking!?" It was SO good to bring them home. I gave them a bath, put new clothes on them, gave them new shoes and then it was bedtime. It was so fun putting them in jammies and Mykah actually fell asleep on me around 6pm.

After I put her jammies on, I was showing her the girls' room where she would be sleeping. The room has a twin and a queen bed. Jacee, Melanie's sweet 4 year old girl that is sharing a room with her, wanted Mykah to sleep in the queen bed with her. Mykah wanted nothing to do with that! She wanted her very own bed. All the kids (Melanie's and ours) have been so excited about the prospect of their own beds because at the orphanage there are 4 kids per twin! No problem letting her have her own bed, huh!? :)

She also went back into my room and put her new shoes on...she wanted to sleep in them. They squek when you walk, so I quickly removed them and she was not so happy with me. :) She kept holding them to her ear wondering why they were no longer making noise! :)

Jackson played for a while after all the other kids went to bed. he is a typical 3 year old that called out for mommy after I had laid him down and when I checked in on him he was laying there on his back playing with his toes.

I wonder what is going through their minds...I wonder what they will remember about this entire process...I wonder what they will dream about tonight...

Some have been asking what's next. We still need to go to court and we are hoping that happens this week before Christmas as this is where the adoption becomes legal/final. Then we need to obtain passports which takes a few days and we are thinking that this will be next week before new year's. The final step is working with the US Embassy (who have been awesome!) for immigration and our final medical clearance which we are thinking will happen the first week of January.

Please continue to pray that all this happens smoothly and we are able to get home quickly even in spite of the upcoming holidays. All in all it is great to have them home and to tuck them in at night!! Our hearts have ACHED just pleading for this!! Even though there is quite a bit ahead we are at peace and cherishing the moments tonight and thankful that they will be in our "home" with their mommy for Christmas and both their birthdays!!

Praise God!!