Sunday, December 20, 2009


After a month of sitting by the phone and waiting for it to ring, we decided it was time for an adventure. Not that all of this isn't in and of itself an adventure :) So we piled in the car and headed out!!! We spent the day at Kruger park. We had a great time watching for Lions and other animals and actually saw Lions, some hippo heads, impala, lots of elephants and we ended the day with some giraffes! God is a God of details and even answered these prayers (I REALLY wanted to see lions and giraffes).

We set out with nothing on the agenda except for "24 Hours of nothing but FUN"!!! It was a breath of fresh air to get away and just spend some time together.

We were able to go with a dear family from here that Melanie has known for years and has been an incredible blessing to us. The weekend away was good and as we saw these powerful animals we were reminded that if God can care for these, how much more will he care for His own children!?

We headed back to reality with a phone call that said I could pick up the kids tomorrow and have custody! Oh happy day!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nicole said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful news! The Kruger Park pics are amazing - good for you guys! The Lord is surely rejoicing. So happy you and Chris will have one unforgettable, truly Merry Christmas memory forever and ever!