Friday, November 20, 2009

24ish hours

I am leaving tomorrow night at 10pm from Hawaii. I then leave Atlanta on Sunday evening for an overnight flight, spend the night at a hotel painted in primary colors and then fly on to my destination and arrive on Tuesday. I keep thinking, "I am too old for this" :) , but I know that it is a trip of a life time. People keep asking me if I am scared to travel by myself. I answer "If I can get 30 kids to Timbuktu and back, I should be fine". God knew what he was doing all those years ago preparing for this moment. I am sad to be leaving Chris and the kids, but I am looking forward to my time there. It is truly bittersweet.

So, here is what we know. We have been assigned a girl who will be 4 either on Christmas day or the 26th. We need clarify that, and a boy who is turning 3 on January 1st. They are brother and sister. We can't wait to meet them although we have looked at the picture a thousand times and have prayed for them for years. I was told to prepare to be in Africa for 8 weeks, so I have the luggage to prove that I am ready. My 4 page To Do list is now down to one and we are meeting with the adoption agency at 9am to wrap up some final paperwork. I know that God is moving and He is working in mighty ways to care for these orphans. I always felt it with my other 3, but I really believe that these are HIS children and we have the privledge of walking with Him to raise this children in the "way they should go".

I can't wait to meet them. See their personalities. Learn what makes them tick. I am sure all of this is incredibly overwhelming to them. I feel nervous and excited. I can't imagine what they are experiencing.

We have some dear friends that are there now and they were able to meet their 3 beautiful children yesterday. I know that our 5 little ones will have this special time to grow as an extended Ohana (family). Others, that my children will have throughout their lives that can relate to this experience like no other. God truly is a God of the details.

I hope to have e mail while I am there and I will be updating the blog as often as African internet will allow. In the meantime, we are soaking up time together before I leave. We are celebrating Thanksgiving today and will be decorating the house for Christmas. Colin has his first swim meet tomorrow morning and I can't wait to see him swim the 25 meter freestyle :) He will be the only 5 year old there. I will paint Maddie's nails and hug and kiss that sweet baby Gracen who is getting closer and closer to being a toddler, but I am further and further from admitting it :)

We are so THANKFUL for all those that have made this adoption possible. God does have a heart for the orphan and it has been incredible watching Him use his people to change the lives of two little ones. Please keep us in your prayers and I hope to post pictures soon!


Nicole said...

We send you with our love and hope to join you. Our Lord will be faithful to provide for your needs (energy, patience, creativity). After all, this was His idea in the first place! Keep your eyes open for other siblings! Mostly, soak in this precious life-defining trip, my friend!

Kim Lyle said...

YEAH! We will be praying for ALL of your little ones! You guys are amazing!!!

Hays Family said...

It is an experience of a lifetime! Since I did it by myself I can tell you it is hard, but so worth it and I am so glad that a friend is there already waiting for your arrival! Sharing this experience with another family creates an amazing bond, between adults and children. We are praying for Chris and the kids too knowing how hard it is to be separated! God will give you all strength and help you endure. Praise God for His awesome plans!